Walking Elephant Theatre Company

Hearing each other’s stories

awakens our compassion






What We Do

Our Mission

To bring documentary theatre projects to underserved and ethnically diverse youth in Sonoma County with the aim to build and heal communities.

Walking Elephant Theatre Company creates innovative live documentary pieces for social and ecological healing. The original productions are created from conversations and interviews between youth and their community. They walk a mile in the shoes of their neighbors and then create original documentary plays about the elephant in the room. We believe that hearing each other’s stories awakens our compassion. These projects help our culture shift from the paradigm of isolation, extraction, scarcity, & violence, to the paradigm of connection, regeneration, abundance, & peace.

As a nomadic theatre company, we go to where stories need to be told and heard. We create and perform in schools, theatres, homeless shelters, cafes, and front porches.

We are consistently going through an iterative process, meeting the needs of whatever “elephant in the room” a community would like to explore and transform.

Walking Elephant won Broadway World’s “BEST SPECIAL THEATER EVENT”, was “CRITICS’ PICK” in Time Out New York Magazine, and “EDITOR’S PICK” in Theatre Bay Area Magazine. Our play “Prop 8 Love Stories” was published and the entire cast flew to New York City for a two week Off-Off Broadway run.



The Thicker Than Smoke Project

THICKER THAN SMOKE Project aimed to create, connect, awaken, and heal Santa Rosa. As a series of documentary theatre pieces that will be created by young folks who were affected by the Sonoma County Wildfires of 2017 through interviews they will conduct with their family members and neighbors.

The THICKER THAN SMOKE Project was born out of the ashes of the October 2017 Sonoma County Fires. There was a strong need to heal our youth and community as part of the rebuilding process. Our goal with this project was to create original documentary theatre pieces with youth most affected by these fires with the goal to connect, create, awaken, and heal our community through the power of theatre and story telling. The fires that raged through Santa Rosa beginning on Oct. 8th have taken an unprecedented toll on our community. Roughly 340 young people have lost their homes, while others have also lost their schools. As a nomadic theatre company that goes to where the stories need to be told, The THICKER THAN SMOKE Project partnered with schools in Santa Rosa to create original documentary theatre pieces that will be performed by children who were affected by the Sonoma County wildfires. The script was created from interviews the young cast members conduct with their families and neighbors. The plays were performed live for the Sonoma County community.

Thank you for believing in the power of theatre and story telling. Thank you for helping us to heal.