Press Democrat
By Steve Gilford

“…I wasn’t prepared to have one of my most moving theatrical experiences take place at a performance of young actors…”

“…What happens is a multi-layered theatrical experience. When a pair of teenagers take on the personas of 80-year-olds they have interviewed, what comes across is not only the wisdom of the older couple but the realization that the younger actors portraying them have been exposed to that perspective and have internalized it for this production.

You know they must have been changed by the experience and that this is a change they may not even be aware of for years to come. Sometimes, eight decades of experience speaking through a young adolescent is humorous; often it is moving. Several times during the production, I was aware that many in the audience had tears in their eyes.”
Jane Hamilton
Former City Council Member, Executive Director at Rebuilding TogetherPetaluma, & a member of the board of The Phoenix Theater.

“I was so blown away by the performance on Friday.”

“You are a genius!”

“So many people contacted me to tell me how much they loved the performance, how important they felt it was in the consciousness of our town and how much they wish their friends could have seen it.”

“It had so much heart and soul and really showed Petaluma as it is.”

Eileen Morris
COTS (Committee on the Shelterless)

“I cannot stop thinking about your show. The kids were marvelous, and the way you wove it together was witty and touching. It was a real love letter to the town, the subjects and the kids. Congratulations.”