Who’s in Charge? …You? …Or Your Habits?
Original Live Theater & Documentary Film

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Created by Actors 10 to 17 years old from Interviews they conducted with Addicts, Behavioral Psychologists, Environmentalists, Philosophers, Martial Artists & many other Creatures of Habit.

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Humanity is at a critical threshold. Our “breakdown” or “breakthrough” depends on our ability & willingness to change our habits.

“This is one of the most effective approaches to education I’ve ever seen.” – John Records, Executive Director of Committee On The Shelterless COT

Habitat perform guitar“There are very few ‘enrichment-type’ programs that can provide this depth of experience and understanding. You helped to empower all of our children to make good choices and develop good habits.”
– Theresa Quinlan, mother of cast member

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“I saw the performance last night with my daughter and husband and we were each deeply moved and impressed. What you have done here is big, really BIG. This performance breaks down barriers and halts judgments. It opens our minds and hearts to each other while showing how we each have the ability to change ourselves and our world for the better. I hope this show is ongoing and travels far. Congratulations and thank you.”
– Tanya Baccarat, Healthy Community Consortium